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Fit Food Trainer's very own Sarah Dusseau caught talk show host Molly Fay's eye when she made her first appearance on The Morning Blend, a weekly talk show aired on WTMJ Milwaukee, a Journal-Sentinel Communications station. So much so, that Molly and her producer Kim Buchannan decided to take a 12-week challenge with Sarah. Could they lose weight, increase their energy, drop some clothing sizes and even do planks on medicine balls? See if they met these and the rest of their fitness goals by following their journey below:

Fit Food Trainer and The Morning Blend Molly and Kim's Journey
January 21, 2011, The Morning Blend
View the kick-off of a 12-week challenge for host
Molly Fay and producer Kim Buchanan.
Fit Food Trainer and The Morning Blend Can You Lose 50 Pounds?
February 11, The Morning Blend
Check in on the progress of Molly's and Kim's workouts with Sarah.
How to Cook Delicious Food
March 4th, The Morning Blend
Molly and Kim never knew losing weight could taste so good!
Learn about some of the delicious food that Sarah serves up
her clients with her tasty, healthy meal plan.
Fit Food Trainer and The Morning Blend Did They Lose Weight?
April 15th, The Morning Blend
Did Molly and Kim reach their goals? A 32 pound weight lost
between the two of them isn't bad for starters! Learn more
by viewing this segment on The Morning Blend.
The Morning Blend Molly Fay, TV Talk Show Host
The Morning Blend, TMJ4 Milwaukee
"It's funny, when we started this I didn't realize how good
I would much of it has to do with eating so well."
Fit Food Trainer and JSOnline Trainer develops new line of prepared meals
for busy clients - JSOnline

March 9, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Food Section

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